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I-95 Southbound Gold Star Bridge Project
CTDOT Project Number 0094-0252 Contractor: Mohawk Northeast, Inc.
Contract Amount: $25,688,226 Awarded: December 19, 2016
Substantial Completion Date: November 30, 2018

The I-95 Southbound Gold Star Bridge Rehabilitation Project in Groton and New London achieved substantial completion on November 30, 2018. The project included the rehabilitation of the existing deck and sidewalk. It included replacement of the existing modular joints with new expansion joints and placement of new roadway pavement as well as new overhead sign structures. Repairs and maintenance of the bridge’s structural steel included steel girder end repairs, bolt replacements, and bearing replacement and maintenance was also performed, Miscellaneous steel repairs included localized paint removal and the application of new protective coatings. Repairs to the substructure included concrete repairs and crack sealing.

Future improvement projects for the Northbound Gold Star Bridge are being planned. Click on the “Northbound Project” tab for additional information.