Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The new expansion joints produce a “rough” ride, worse than the pre-existing joints. Why is this the case and will anything be done to improve the ride quality?
We are aware of the ride quality issues across the seven (7) new expansion joints. There are several contributing factors that are affecting ride quality, including the joint type and size, pavement, and concrete headers. The new expansion joints are designed to reduce the time and costs associated with their maintenance and replacement, and they are long-lasting. Individual panels of the new joints can be replaced without needing to remove sections of the bridge deck and roadway, thereby eliminating weeks of extended lane closures, typically needed to replace joints of this magnitude. The joints are significantly wider than the old modular expansion joints systems and produce a longer impact sensation than the old joints. In addition, the joints are recessed slightly to protect them from snow plow damage. Ultimately, the installation represents a compromise between ride quality and longevity of the joint system.

There are likely other contributing factors that are affecting the overall ride quality. A detailed survey was completed to evaluate the roadway surface profile leading into, over, and trailing the joints. The surface profile information was analyzed to determine the feasible options available to improve the ride quality without detriment to the expansion joint system. A trial remediation was performed on two joints in a single lane and significant improvement in ride quality was achieved. The remediation efforts included milling the adjacent pavement and grinding the concrete joint headers to smooth roadway profile fluctuations. Remediation of the other locations identified during the survey analysis will be completed soon. Updated schedule information will be posted under the “SCHEDULE/UPDATES” section of this website.
Is the work on the Southbound Bridge complete? I see workers out on the bridge every so often.
The work on the bridge was substantially completed at the end of this past fall. However, there are a few miscellaneous “punch list” activities that still need to be completed. As such you will continue to see crews performing work periodically over the next few months. Attempts will be made to minimize disruptions to traffic.
Will there be any future lane closures / traffic detours on the bridge?
It will be necessary to take traffic lanes to perform some of the remaining activities. Activities that require a shoulder or a single lane closure may be done during daytime hours, outside of the rush hours of (6:00 a.m. -9:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m.). Those requiring multiple lane closures will be conducted at night to minimize disruptions to traffic flow.